Creating an Excellent Experience with Limited Resources | Peter Haas

When Substance church first broke 2000 members, it only had around 80 givers. So, how does a ministry thrive amidst a resource void environment? Get ready to learn several leadership principles that will enable your ministry to scale while your resources are still catching up.

Creating a Healthy Church Staff Culture | Shawn Lovejoy

When Jesus got ready to change the world, He selected and equipped a great team. He led them and developed them. He even pruned the team for greater effectiveness. To lead your church to greater impact, you will need to do the same! In this app, Shawn will talk about building a healthy team culture, keeping the team aligned around the vision, navigating personnel and structure issues, hiring and firing, and developing and preserving your team.

Church Counseling and Family Ministry | Wayne Austin

Most of our homes are cemeteries housing the dead, but God wants our homes to experience resurrection and life. There is a level beyond resurrection: it is LIFE. Living In Freedom Everyday. We will look at ministry to the family with The Father’s heart. I will give you information for transformation that I wish I would have known 50 years ago.

Healthy Life Rhythms for Pastors | Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson, pastor of Church of the King, found himself almost breathless from burnout. He led a fast-growing church through three building campaigns amidst Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 Financial Crisis, and the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill. In the wake of these challenging times, he found himself depleted spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Steve took a season to learn how to re-charge and re-focus his soul through establishing healthy, biblical patterns and life rhythms. Join Steve for this app and discover how you can enjoy your own healthy life rhythms.

Being a Disciple-Making Youth Pastor | Dan Lord

One of Jesus’ last statements was calling for us to make disciples. Today, we call this, “raising up leaders.” Great leaders just don’t appear, they have to be formed and student ministry is one of the greatest environments for training and development. In this session, you will be inspired to build a leadership factory and hear some practical ideas you can implement no matter the size of your church.