How to Build a Successful Team for Launch | Josh Mauney and JD Ost

It takes a team to launch a life-giving church. Discover what that process should look like in this session in which you will learn the “do’s and dont’s” from highly successful ARC church planters.

Hiring, Firing and Finances | Glenn Wood and Michael Martin

The “Hiring, Firing, and Finances” session will cover three areas that are vitally important to your new church. Hiring new employees can be daunting, terminating an employee is even harder and managing finances can be a huge task. We will cover these three areas at a very high level and provide some background, tips, and resources for you to take back to your church and dig into.

Healthy Senior Pastor Transitions | Tom & Todd Mullins, Scott & Starr Hornsby

A transition will be one of the greatest tests of your leadership, but it will also serve as one of the greatest rewards and testimonies of your legacy. Successfully handing off the leadership baton to the next leader is essential to give our churches the best opportunity to thrive after our time of service. A smooth transition requires meticulous planning and forethought.

Growing Healthy Churches in Small Towns | Ashmore, Hardy, Wendel, Johnson-Hill

According to the 2010 census, over half of the US lives in small towns and rural areas. With so many “small towns,” the average local jurisdiction population in the United States is 6,200. Even in ‘metro areas’ of one million or more, the average local jurisdiction is under 20,000! ARC believes every small town should have a great, life-giving church. There are unique characteristics and challenges to pastoring in a small town and the pastor who recognizes and capitalizes on them will lead a vibrant, growing and healthy church with tremendous influence in their region. This session includes a panel discussion with pastors from towns of less than 3,000 to more than 60,000.

Front Row Leadership | Rob Ketterling

It’s time to stop criticizing and start leading. Get your leaders off the bench and into the trenches with you to achieve greater growth in your churches. Everyone can use more leaders! Learn how to create a culture of passionate leadership in your church and ministries.

Effective Outreach Through Serving | Rizzo, Meyer, Rollins, Dinkel, Walker

Do you want to have significant influence in your community? If so, one the best practices your church can do is to have an effective outreach plan that is practical, that empowers your church members and that can fit your budget. This session will cover all that and more!

Discovering and Defining Your Church’s Vision and Values | Todd McMichen

Every church planter and pastor dreams big dreams! Every pastor also knows what it is like to get stuck. Then you can be at the end of one dream while staring up the mountain at another dream knowing that you have never been their before. When vision is fuzzy we can default to a plug and play ministry model or even worse we adopt the generic vision of another church. God wires each pastor and church to fulfill His purpose in unique and powerful ways. This APP Session will help you gain new tools you can take back to your leadership to develop a visionary path that will never cease inspiring and directing.