How to Be a Good Teammate on a Church Staff | Darren Kitto

Can’t we all just get along?! The answer is yes, you can. Hear from Darren Kitto from Hillsong Church on how you manage different personalities and disagreements with your fellow church staffers in order to be a great teammate and friend.

How to Become a Life-Giving Church | Aaron Jayne

Are you not happy with your church? Would you attend it if you were not the pastor or on staff? If you are looking to transform your church into a church that you and others would love to attend, then this is the session for you. You will learn first hand from Aaron Jayne on how he transformed his church into a thriving church that is changing his community for God.

How to Build a Successful Launch Team | Josh Mauney, Jason Parrish, Ben Brinkman, Danny Schulz

You cannot build a life giving church by yourself. You must have a great team around you and this session covers the why and how of team building.

How to Do Multi-Site and Train Campus Pastors | Rick Bezet and Randy Bezet

As the multi-site model contiues to grow among churches across the globe, come hear from two lead pastors who continue to lead the way in establishing church campuses and know the qualities you should look for in discovering your campus pastors.

How to Transition From a Launch Team to a Leadership Team | Josh Mauney, Danny Schulz, Bryan Sparks

I have launched my church… now what?! The answer to that question is in the teams that you build. Learn the importance of developing teams of leaders that keep up with the growth of your church.

Let It Grow: Common Mistakes that Prevent Youth Ministry Growth | Tim Bittle

Many youth pastors today find themselves frustrated trying to find the “secret sauce” that will make their ministry grow. Is it more pizza? Louder music? Skinnier jeans? Glow sticks? Doubtful! But perhaps there are some simple changes you can make to your youth ministry approach and philosophy that will position you for growth this school year. Come join the conversation about how to “let it grow.”

Our Family Rules: How to Build a Church and a Family Who Loves It | Tommy Barnett and Luke Barnett

All too often, the pressures of ministry cause a strain within the pastor’s family life resulting in many family members feeling resentment towards ministry. Over the last 60+ of years, this is something the Barnett family has worked to avoid. Join Tommy and Luke Barnett as they talk about this journey and how their family has navigated this over the years.

Steps to Prepare Your Money, Marriage and Ministry for Launch | Josh Mauney, Ernest Smith

If you want to lauch a life giving church, the first steps are found in your personal life. This session covers the importance of establishing the right practices in your marriage, ministry and money.

The Healthy and Effective Executive Assistant | Marc Cleary

Behind every healthy lead pastor is a healthy and effective Executive Assistant. Learn practical tips on how you can serve your pastor with excellence and keep your sanity in the fast-paced life of an Executive Assistant.