2Strong: In Life, Love and Leadership | Joe & Lori Champion

A powerful marriage and ministry session designed to equip you and your spouse to thrive in life, love and leadership. Learn valuable tools, understand differences, overcome obstacles and experience life together like never before!

10 Things I Wish I Knew 20 Years Ago | Dale O’Shields

Experience is one of the greatest of teachers in life. This session offers you the opportunity to learn from Ps. Dale O’Shields, founding and Lead Pastor of Church of the Redeemer, on how what he has learned from over three decades of ministry leadership at the highest level.

Becoming a Generous Church | Rob Ketterling and Andy Whaley

Generosity is one of the core traits of believers, but most pastors get nervous when they talk about it from their pulpits. That does not need to be the case, and in this session you will learn practical tips on turning your church into a generous army of givers.

BothAnd | Benny & Wendy Perez

Can the church be both relevant, creative, excellent, and prophetic? Can we find balance in messages that are theologically sound and move in the Power of God? We believe that you can. Come learn the power behind both prayer and programs – Spirit and structure!

Building a Church Without Sacrificing Your Family | Jonathan & Dianne Wilson

Leading a church calls for a lot of sacrifices, but your family is not one of them. Hear from a couple that is building a life-giving church AND a life-giving family as well.

Building a Life of Influence in Your City | Jonathan Wiggins

If your church shut down next week would your community notice? It would if you spent time not only building your influence within your church, but also within your city. Come hear from a pastor who is doing just that… and how you can do it as well.