West Coast 2016 (Audio)

Dynamic Weekend Services | Kellen Coldiron

Dynamic weekend services are an essential part of building a church. This session will talk about how to practically create life-giving, relevant services where first-time guests can experience God in a welcoming, comfortable and low-pressure environment.

Establishing Your Growth Track and Small Groups Strategy | Chris Norman

Every person who attends your church has gifts and talents that can be used to help build your church and transform your community. Discover how to implement a healthy assimilation process that leads to your church members living a fulfilled life of serving within your church.

Fresh Start: Increasing Salvation Decisions in Your Services | John Siebeling

As pastors and church leaders, everything we do ultimately points back to one thing: connecting people into relationship with Jesus. While this is a very spiritual decision, there are some very practical strategies and processes we can implement to help us be more effective in our efforts. From platform segments to resources and follow-up, we’ll talk about clear steps you can take to significantly increase the number of salvation decisions in your weekend services and how to lead those new believers to become actively involved in your church.

Hiring, Firing and Finances | David Chrzan

Churches have evolved from a one-day-a-week operation into a Christ-centered business on the operations side. Being able to effectively manage the business side of the church is key to sustaining a healthy and growing environment. David Chranz leads this session as he shares his wisdom from his years of helping lead Saddleback Church, one of the largest churches in America.

How to Be a Good Teammate on a Church Staff | Darren Kitto

Can’t we all just get along?! The answer is yes, you can. Hear from Darren Kitto from Hillsong Church on how you manage different personalities and disagreements with your fellow church staffers in order to be a great teammate and friend.

How to Become a Life-Giving Church | Aaron Jayne

Are you not happy with your church? Would you attend it if you were not the pastor or on staff? If you are looking to transform your church into a church that you and others would love to attend, then this is the session for you. You will learn first hand from Aaron Jayne on how he transformed his church into a thriving church that is changing his community for God.

How to Build a Successful Launch Team | Josh Mauney, Jason Parrish, Ben Brinkman, Danny Schulz

You cannot build a life giving church by yourself. You must have a great team around you and this session covers the why and how of team building.

How to Do Multi-Site and Train Campus Pastors | Rick Bezet and Randy Bezet

As the multi-site model contiues to grow among churches across the globe, come hear from two lead pastors who continue to lead the way in establishing church campuses and know the qualities you should look for in discovering your campus pastors.

How to Transition From a Launch Team to a Leadership Team | Josh Mauney, Danny Schulz, Bryan Sparks

I have launched my church… now what?! The answer to that question is in the teams that you build. Learn the importance of developing teams of leaders that keep up with the growth of your church.