Anaheim 2018 (Audio)

Serve Your City | Dino Rizzo, Matthew and Caroline Barnett

Join Pastor Dino Rizzo and Pastors Matthew & Caroline Barnett, founders of The Dream Center in Los Angeles as they impart practical wisdom on how your church can serve your city, establish a culture of serving in your church, and form sustainable expressions of outreach that will make a long term impact. In this session, you’ll get to hear inspiring stories, wisdom from their years of experience, and practical steps for your journey as you work to build a ministry that reflects the heart of Jesus for His people.

Dino Rizzo, Matthew and Caroline Barnett

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Breaking Church Growth Barriers | Chris Sonksen

Pastor, Author, and church leadership coach, Chris Sonksen, dives right into the issues that keep us from reaching our God-given potential in his BREAKING CHURCH GROWTH BARRIERS session. Chris will help you identify where you are at in the life stage of your church and will lead you in a “self discovery” that will help you break the cycle. Get ready to clearly identify the barriers and develop a proven strategy to help your church experience breakthrough.

Chris Sonksen

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Worship on the Weekends: Creating Presence-Driven Experiences | Joseph and Tosha Zwanziger

The worship service of every church takes significant amounts of time, planning, rehearsal, coordination, and impacts every person in your church every weekend. So how do we make sure these times are more than just songs with quality that varies week to week? In this App session, Joseph & Tosha Zwanziger will share some of the key elements that have sustained a presence-driven worship culture at The Father’s House for over 21 years and have been reproduced as the church welcomes thousands of people in multiple locations every weekend.

Joseph and Tosha Zwanziger

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Using StoryBrand to Grow Your Church | Matt Olthoff

Is explaining what you do complicated? Do you struggle to get new people into your church? Is it time to revamp your website? Do you need a common story to unite your staff? Does marketing make your brain hurt? The StoryBrand Framework is revolutionary process for helping churches clarify their messaging and begin to grow. The framework teaches you to stop playing the hero in the story, and instead, invite customers into a story.

Matt Olthoff

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

The Hillsong Way | Darren Kitto

Church is not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the sacrifice of many.

Sacrifice cannot be demanded, it can however be inspired and over time become part of a Churches Culture. One of the most common questions I get asked about Hillsong is how do we develop such high level leaders and volunteers and what do we do to keep them around. This session will endeavor to bring some clarity to finding and empowering up and coming leaders, raising a loyal and committed team, placing people into an environment that they can flourish in long term and some of the mindsets that the culture at Hillsong embraces that has seen long term faithful leaders raised up and continue to serve in the house. One of the biggest stoppages to long term and sustained growth is team turnover and starting afresh in areas that need long term builders, you will hear some keys and mindsets that Darren has been able to observe and embrace in over 24 years of Hillsong culture.

Darren Kitto

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Make Room: Healthy Team Culture | John Siebeling, Dale O’Shields, Scott Hornsby

Throughout the Bible, we see that the church functions best when it’s built around team. In this session, Pastor John Siebeling will share how to build a healthy team culture that will position your church for growth. We’ll also look at key qualities to look for and develop in the lives of those on your team. The soul of any church is the team and as the team prospers, so will your church!

John Siebeling, Dale O’Shields, Scott Hornsby

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim