Anaheim 2018 (Audio)

Why Would Anyone Give You Millions? | Andrew McCourt

People actually want to give! However, the question will always be: to what? At Bayside Church giving is not just a part of what we do, it’s in everything we do – we want to give to God, our local community, and a needy world. It’s that spirit of generosity that has propelled us this far and has recently inspired our congregation to commit over $30 million to our Compassion First Capital Campaign. Come hear how we asked and why they said yes.

Andrew McCourt

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Generosity on Steroids | Jonathan Wilkins

If you love fundraisers, capital campaigns and time-share presentations, this is NOT the App Session for you! If you want to see the giving in your church grow steadily, consistently (and possibly quickly), you won’t want to miss it! Increasing your church giving is probably easier than you think! Through this App Session, we’ll explore 5 practical ways to develop a culture of generosity in your church. Culture is always shifting and changing, but biblical principles never do. God wants to help unlock the giving potential in your church, and through this session you’ll discover how.

Jonathan Wilkins

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

What I Wish I Knew Before I Launched a Church | ARC Church Planters

Hear from a panel of church planters who reflect on lessons learned from pastoring as church planting. They will discuss what they wish they would have done differently, as well as what they would do again if they were to start over. This app session will be hosted by members of the arc launch team as part of the Why Launch with ARC App Series.

Adam and Stacy Magana

Joe Adams

Joel and Mandy Cauley

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Heart, Capacity, Gift | Jonathan and Dianne Wilson

Developing a culture that produces leaders who own and carry the vision is essential if we want to build healthy thriving churches. In this session we will explore how to identify and develop leaders and the importance of structures and systems that cause the spirit and soul of our churches to prosper.

Jonathan and Dianne Wilson

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Staying Strong: Spirit, Soul, Marriage | Casey and Wendy Treat

This session will be about staying up and strong in our soul, our spirit, our marriage. David prayed his soul would be restored; and in Proverbs, the spirit of a man will sustain him. Let’s live in a way that will keep us healthy in all seasons of life.

Casey and Wendy Treat

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

When Should the Senior Pastor Be More or Less Involved? | Carolyn Haas and Nate Puccini

What does a healthy Lead Pastor & Executive Pastor relationship look like? How should roles change with church size? Laugh & learn with the Executive Staff of Substance Church as they reflect on some of their pitfalls & successes in each of their growth phases.

Carolyn Haas and Nate Puccini

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Brave Churches and Foster Care: A Preventative for Human Trafficking | Noemi Chavez

Starting the conversation between the local church and the department of child and family services. Girls in foster care are the most vulnerable and at risk for human trafficking. When the church steps in, we can shift what is seen as a problem, to an actual solution. Girls are not the problem, they are the solution.

Noemi Chavez

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim