Birmingham 2016

Growth Track and Small Groups | Sean Clarke & Hamp Greene

How do you create a church culture where people are connected in authentic relationship, and are actually excited about serving? In this session you will learn how to develop an easy assimilation process that not only connects people to the church, but also helps them discover their purpose. We will also cover how a free market small group strategy helps people find freedom in relationships, and makes meaningful relationships in your church easy to find.

Becoming a Generous Church | Matt Keller

In November of 2014, Next Level Church went through a financial transformation. In a period of 90 days, everything changed….for the better!! In this app session, Lead Team member, Matt Keller, will talk through the strategic steps and events they went through to become a generous church.

What Qualifies a Person to Be a Leader in a Healthy Church | Ed Funderburk

Healthy churches are led by healthy leaders. That statement begs the question: Are you healthy? In order to have the influence God desires for you to have you must keep your personal life in order. The truth is: You can only impart to others what is true in your own life. If those who serve under your leadership become like you, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Do they also become like Jesus? We will explore these and other questions in this class.

Weekend Production with Purpose | Kellen Coldiron & Justin Firesheets

Service production is not just about great sound, lights, cameras and cool stage designs. In the session, we will talk through how you prepare days and sometimes weeks in advance on the production side of the service in order to help create excellent environments and experiences. We will also talk about the latest in equipment and technology that help aid those environments along with some tips on how to build the team you need to make it all happen.