Anaheim 2018

Make Room: Healthy Team Culture | John Siebeling, Dale O’Shields, Scott Hornsby

Throughout the Bible, we see that the church functions best when it’s built around team. In this session, Pastor John Siebeling will share how to build a healthy team culture that will position your church for growth. We’ll also look at key qualities to look for and develop in the lives of those on your team. The soul of any church is the team and as the team prospers, so will your church!

John Siebeling, Dale O’Shields, Scott Hornsby

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Launching in Hard to Reach Places | Peter and Carolyn Haas, ARC Church Planters

Hear from a panel of church planters who have used the ARC church planting model to launch large and sustainable in areas that have been traditionally hard to reach. This app session will be hosted by members of the arc launch team as part of the Why Launch with ARC App Series.

Peter and Carolyn Haas, Pradeepan and Amreitha Jeeva, Shawn and Sarah Withy-Allen, Mike and Cindy Hoverson

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Moving Forward Better | Dave Ansell

Very few experience overnight results in ministry; most of us will experience the grind of incremental growth over time. The key to growth is discovering the things that matter most and to keep getting better at doing those things. In this session, we will share some ideas on how to create better environments, better communication, better welcome, better teamwork, and other ways to move forward better.

Dave Ansell

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

How To Create More Free Space in Your Weekend Services | Benny Perez

Being intentional about creating some space for people to encounter God’s presence and how to be naturally supernatural in the context of your weekend services. In this App Session Benny will cover topics like praying for the sick, how to give a prophetic word in an appropriate manner, what role gifts of the Spirit play in a worship service and how to use one worship service to change things up.

Benny Perez

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation | Miles McPherson

In every race conversation there tends to be two options given to choose from, “us” vs. “them”. I believe there is a third option, honoring what we all have in common, honoring the priceless value of God’s image in everyone we meet. Because racism negatively impacts out ability to do that, this session will help participants examine their own attitudes on race, and offer practical, encouraging, and action-oriented ideas that will enable them to enjoy doing life with their neighbors of all colors.

Miles McPherson

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

How to Create a Culture That Is Life-Giving | Rick Bezet

Many churches across America are stuck when it comes to growth. This session with Pastor Rick Bezet will teach the top reasons ARC pastors have started growing again, and how New Life Church has grown to 17 campuses since 2001.

Rick Bezet

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

Increasing Giving Without Decreasing Attendance | Herbert Cooper

Many church leaders are apprehensive to talk about giving in their weekend services. Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to use weekend services to effectively inspire people to increase their giving and still attract and reach people who are far from God? Come learn the best practices for using your weekend services to help people grow in their generosity without killing your culture of reaching the unchurched.

Herbert Cooper

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim

How To Thrive in Your Marriage and Family While Doing Ministry | Joe and Lori Champion

Having a thriving marriage and family always takes work, but can be especially challenging while working to create a healthy ministry. In this session, Joe and Lori Champion discuss the topics of keeping your love alive while ministering together, finding your rhythm in work and life, and raising kids who love Jesus and the church.

Joe and Lori Champion

ARC Conference – 2018 Anaheim